Parallel Slide Gate Valve


Steel, Stainless Steel, Monel, Hastelloy, Duplex, Super Duplex


Flanged, BW/SW


Manual, Electric, Pneumatic, Hydraulic


max. (+550 °C)

Nominal Diameter:

1/2″ – 24″

Pressure Rating :

class 300 – 2500


Parallel slide gate valve are ideal for high temperature and pressure line to prevent thermal binding.

Features and benefits

Parallel slide construction can be furnished for high differential pressure services or where thermal expansion may cause sticking of a wedge type.

The parallel slide gate assembly consists of two interchangeable spring loaded discs, a fully guided disc holder, and retaining pins.

Springs are fitted between discs to provide initial sealing force only, and do not maintain the sealing force.

Discs are interchangeable which simplifies in-line maintenance and eliminates the need to custom fit the seats to the discs.

Position seating eliminates stress and potential binding due to thermal expansion of the stem.

No additional torque required to achieve a positive seal once disc are in position.

Lower seating torque to reduce actuator size and cost

Hardfaced seating surfaces provide high cycle capability in very high differential pressure services

By-pass valve are used to reduce the traversing differential pressure across the valve seat.

It reduces the size of the operating gear and also provide a convenient means for the initial warming through of pipe lines

Equalizing devices are used to relieve the fluid trapped between the seat forces, and to provide an outlet for the fluid displaced by the valve stem traversing to the shut position.



General purpose stop valve,

Main steam and feedwater isolation,

Boiler circulating pump isolation,

The basic design is also incorporated in valves for other duties such as: Feedwater heater protection;

Feed pump leak-off;

Nuclear Applications (ASME Section III, Class 1, 2 & 3) (Described in other publications available on request);

Regulating duty with V-ported seat

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Parallel Slide Gate Valve?

Parallel Slide Gate Valves are double stem and double gate or Single stem and double gate Gate Valves. Parallel gate valves are ideal in high heat and pressure lines to prevent thermal conduction.

What are the application areas of the Parallel Slide Gate Valve?

Scope of application; general purpose stop valve, Main steam and feed water insulation, It is the boiler circulation pump insulation.

What are the advantages of Parallel Slide Gate Valves?

The interchangeability of the discs simplifies maintenance and eliminates the need to custom fit the seats to the discs.

What are the features of Parallel Slide Gate Valve?

Parallel spool construction is applicable for high differential pressure applications or where thermal expansion may cause a gate valve to stick.