Globe Valves


Materials: Pig Weave, Ductile Iron Weave, Steel, Stainless Steel, Bronze, Monel, Hastelloy , Duplex , Super Duplex
Connection: Flanged, Welded, Threaded
Drive Unit: Manual, Electric, Pneumatic, Hydraulic
Temperature: (-200 °C) –( +700 °C)
Nominal Diameter: DN 15 – DN 600
Rated Pressure: PN 10 -PN 500



Steel, Stainless Steel, Monel, Hastelloy, Duplex, Super Duplex


Flanged, Welded, Threaded

Drive Unit:

Flanged, Welded, Threaded


max.  (+600 °C)

Nominal Diameter:

1/2″ – 24″

Rated Pressure:

Class 150 – 2500


Globe Valves

Globe Valves are among the trendiest valve types used in a multitude of applications. These valves are a unit of space, like slide valves, and use linear motion to throttle the flow. They are used to manage flow in an extreme pipeline and regulate it by the position of a movable disk (or plug) relative to the fixed ring seat. The most important advantage of the ball valve is that it does not leak at the maximum amount as alternative valves.


Globe valves can be used in all applications and fluids, but the most important feature is their adjustment and control capabilities.



Globe valves have good control ability and full closing feature.

The opening-closing time is shorter.

Its design is less complex.

It will be used as a stop check valve.

contain positive closure



Pressure loss is higher since the flow does not follow a “S” shaped, straight path.

they need high torque for shutdown



In general, Globe valves are used as isolation valves in all kinds of sectors and applications, and in fact, as separate and control valves due to their control capability as designed.