Steel, Stainless Steel , Monel , Hastelloy,Duplex , Duper Duplex , Exotic Materials


Flanged, Welded, Threaded



max.  (+550 °C)

Nominal Diameter:

1/2″ – 48″

Rated Pressure:

Class 150 – 2500

Gate Valves


Gate Valves are designed for Use as isolation valves. These valves make it easy to regulate the flow of fluid through the pipes. These valves are used in pipelines to start or stop flow. Gate valves are used for a multitude of functions and are often used in homes and industrial facilities.


Gate Valves are not used to control any feature of the flow, they are only used to open and cut the flow, therefore they should be used in fully open or fully closed positions, They can be used in almost any type of fluid if the materials suitable for the fluid are selected.

It can be coupled with any type of actuator .




  • Gate valves have extremely low friction loss

They can be used in any way in the circuit.

They provide smooth flow, pressure loss is minimal

Gate valves make it easy to save a lot of energy and lower the total price of ownership




Gate valves cannot open and close quickly

they cause vibration

In systems with irregular high temperature changes, leakages occur in the gate valves due to the load in the pipe at the end of the valve.

Operation, maintenance and repair of gate valve seating surfaces are complex.



Gate valves are suitable for use in extreme temperature and pressure conditions.

They are used for on-off applications.

Since it can be used in almost all sectors, it has a very common use.