AXIAL Control Valves


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The Axial Flow Control Valve is designed for special applications that require high flow capacity, precise control from the linear motion shut-off element, and reduced turbulence and vibration effects. … These valves must be fast acting, but also have high capacity and noise canceling designs.


The most Reliable Valve System for flow control and different safety operations.


In Terms of Functions:


Flow control

Surge Relief

Shut-Off Check Valves

Flow Measurement and Dosing


Drive Types:



Drive options: externally pressurized fluids as hydraulic oil pressure, compressed air, water or water emulsions, oil and gas…


Valve functions: highly reliable and precise flow control, Open/Close, Shutdown, Surge Relief (voltage reduction or KC-pulse prevention) and different safety operations in the toughest working conditions in different application areas. Drive options: single and double acting



Drive options and design: pneumatic as main drive and for emergency opening and/or closing Pneumatic drive only as main drive Direct main drive with compressed air supply from 4 to 10 bar Valve functions: Flow control, On/Off, Shutdown and different safety operations. design with pneumatic piston or elastic diaphragm

Drive options: Single and double acting


Drive options: handwheel only, “electro-mechanical devices, conventional or special electric motors, air motors, hydro motors. Manual override with handwheel on all drive options Valve functions: Flow control and On/Off operations

Flow media: Water (potable, process, waste, crude, marine) Oil, gas, acid gases containing h₂s, Compressed air, low and high temperature environments (from cryogenic areas to Hot steam)




Quick closing action (prevents ram blow) Appropriate sizing capability for every application durability long valve life ability to adapt to pressure drops and high flow Non-impact opening and closing action Tight closure allowing zero leakage Ability to be installed both horizontally and vertically