Orbit (Rising Stem Ball ) Valves

Materials :

Steel, Stainless Steel, Monel, Hastelloy, Duplex, Super Duplex 

Connections :

Flanged, BW

Actuation :

Manuel, Electric, Pneumatic, Hydraulic Actuated

Temperatur :

max. (+550 °C)

Nom: Diameter :

2″ – 24″

Rating :

Class 150 – 2500

Each orbit rising stem ball valve includes a proven tilt and turn action that eliminates sealing friction, which is the primary cause of valve failure. The absence of gasket friction during both opening and closing means easy, low torque valve operation and long-term reliable performance.

When an orbit rising stem ball valve is closed, the core is mechanically attached to the bed and positive closure is achieved. When a valve begins to open, the core bends away from the seat and the line flow passes smoothly around the core face. This eliminates localized high speed flow, which creates irregular seat wear typically on normal ball, gate and plug valves. The core then returns to the fully open position.