Gate Valves

DIN Gate Valves

Materials : Steel, Stainless Steel, Monel, Hastelloy, Duplex,  Super Duplex, Bronze
 Connection: Flanged, BW, Threaded
Actuation : Manuel, Electric, Pneumatic, Hydraulic Operated
Temperatur : (-200 °C) –( +700 °C)
Nom. Diameter : DN 15 – 600
Rating : PN 10 – 500

ANSI Gate Valves

Materials :

Bronze, Steel, Stainless Steel , Monel, Hastelloy,Duplex , Super Duplex , Exotic Materials

Connection  :

Flanged, BW/SW, Threaded

Actuation :

Manuel , Gear Box, Electric ,Pneumatic, Hydraulic Operated

Temperatur :

max. (+550 °C)

Diameter :

1/2″ – 48″

Nominal Pressure :

Class 150 – 2500

Gate valves are suitable for hot water, chemical fluids or compressed air conditions. It can be used for substances between (-200 ° C) and (700 ° C). DIN gate valves are flanged, welded mouth or threaded.

DIN gate valve with soft seal cover valve is also resistant to rust and leakage. Soft seal valve provides protection against erosion and corrosion. It is lighter than standard valves thanks to the spheroid used in its production. In conventional gate valves, spills such as stone, cement, wood in the valve base notch can prevent the valve from closing tightly and cause leakage. In slide valve systems, the soft-sealed valve minimizes the risk of leakage since protection is provided against foreign objects to design guns. Gate valves with these standard DIN and ANSI standards are safe.

DIN and ANSI gate valves, which are 20-30 percent lighter than conventional valves, provide ease of installation, use and maintenance. For the resin coating which does not have toxic feature in the internal structure, rust and corrosion do not occur. Thanks to this feature, the gate valve with DIN and ANSI standards can also be used in wastewater systems. Thanks to the valve body with ductile iron, it is more durable and long-lasting compared to traditional valves.

Usage areas

Gate valve can be used in industrial systems. Suitable for use in liquid pipelines for petroleum, fertilizer, electrical and chemical contents.